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I heard Mommie whisper on the phone to a friend that she was taking me to “get fixed”.I’m scared.  I didn’t know there was anything wrong with me.  When Mommie saw my alarmed face she assured me there wasn’t anything “wrong” with me.  She said it was a “rite of passage” for boy cats my age.

She went on to explain it is just a simple surgical procedure.  Come on Mommie, don’t you see the ads on TV from lawyers who sue doctors for “surgeries” gone wrong?  Next time I see one of those ads, I am going to remember that phone number even if Mommie said it is “just a simple procedure”.

She didn’t explain anything more, only to say I would sing soprano when it was over.  Soprano?  Like the TV show?  I am confused.


Mommie didn't say anything about going anywhere.  She just picked me up, put me in the cat carrier and toted me to the car.  She ignored my questions.  I could tell she was apprehensive about something, but she just got in and drove.  STRAIGHT TO DR. CANDIE's.  NO, Mommie, NO.

Everyone at the vets office was quiet and subdued.  I guess THEY knew what was going to happen and they didn't want to be the ones to get the blame when I started looking for suspects.

They took me to a little room in the back that had a really bright light glowing on a shiny table.  Someone put a towel on the table and someone else put a needle in my neck.  (I didn't see that one coming.)

When I woke up, I hurt "down there."  I wanted to scratch and bite someone, anyone.  I had to stay overnight to be sure there wouldn't be any bad reactions.  None.

Mommie got to take me home the next day.  She was crying when she opened the hot cat carrier at home.  She tried to hold me and comfort me.  No way, Mommie.  YOU took me there and look what happened.

I was mad at Mommie for several days, but the pain went away and I needed some petting, so I let her pick me up and cuddle me for a while.  I went back to sleeping on her shoulder.

You're right Mommie, I do purr in a little higher pitch. 


When Mommie took me to see Dr. Candie to get me "fixed" she was offered the choice of "pain management meds" for $25.00 extra.  Mommie seemed to struggle with the extra cost, but in the end she decided to be on the safe side and spend the extra $25.

Mommie and I are both wondering how the "victims" manage the pain without the pain management meds.  It may be a simple operation, but we both think there might actually be some pain involved.  Mommie knows how sensitive I am to pain anyway.

Apparently the extra pain management meds helped because I actually had no pain at all.  The office staff really liked me and they let me have the run of the office after the surgery.  Dr. Candie did put a little cone around my neck so I couldn't lick the operation site.  I kept running into things with that thing on.  I was glad to see Mommie.

I love Mommie.


Mommie and I thought about it for a long time.  Mommie came up with “Puffy Cat”.  Now, I like that.

Mommie said this name is special to just us.  She said she wouldn’t use it to scold me or use bad words with.  She said she wouldn’t allow anyone else to use that name, not even Daddie.  She said she might use it when other people are around just to let them know that “we” (Mommie and me) have a special connection.

Isn’t Mommie sweet?


The black angel, my outside cat friend, told me those funny looking animals that fly are birds.  They usually don’t hang around where there are cats, but one pretty little red thing landed on the porch hand rail and looked into the laundry room.  He chattered away, but I couldn’t understand him.  The black angel said he was making fun of me.  OK for him.  When I get to go outside next time, I will be looking for him. No one makes fun of Sparkles and gets away with it!

This red bird just seemed to float along flying back and forth in front of my door.  I almost went cross-eyed trying to keep up.  The black angel said he thought the bird might have a nest nearby and doesn’t want me to get to it.  He sure doesn’t have to worry about me right now, but next time – my mouth is watering already!


The first night Mommie and I were together, we began a routine.  Before Mommie went to bed every night, she got on her knees beside the bed, folded her hands together and prayed to God.  I know she said nice things about me, Daddie and Woffier.  She asked God to take care of Daddie.

I don’t understand God.  Mommie says it takes faith to believe in God, and she has that faith.  She said God is all powerful and knows everything.  She said He had been looking out for me by getting us together.  She said I should be thankful.

In the next week she showed me how to hold my paws in a prayer-like position.  Now when we go to bed, we both fold our hands / paws.  Mommie prays and I listen.  Maybe someday I will understand more and be able to pray like Mommie.


The last time Mommie and I went to see Daddie at the nursing home, the ride was OK in the box with holes in it. 

As usual, when we got there, Mommie put a leash on me and paraded me around the lobby.  All the old folks that could reach down and pet me, did.  I liked this!  You should have seen the sparkle in their eyes when they saw me.

Then I did a bad thing.  I got out of my collar and leash and ran free.  I climbed up on the laps of several little ladies who looked lonesome.  (One of the nurses said that was the first smile she had seen on one of the ladies in several months.)  I managed to jump off their laps just in time to escape Mommie’s hands.  I finally let Mommie catch me.                                                         

The residents and the nurses thought it was funny, BUT the Administrator came out of her office and scolded Mommie.  She said that if that happened again, I couldn’t come back. 

Mommie, please help me be a better kitty.


The new hard cat food is making my teeth extra sharp which makes me good at ripping paper.  The toilet paper in the bathroom and the paper towels on the bathroom vanity both have a lot of holes in them, partly from my claws, but some because of my sharp teeth.

Speaking of sharp teeth, Mommie says her hands look like a sieve with all the “holes” I put in them when we play.  SHE’s the one that starts it, I just play along.  If she would quit tickling me on the tummy, her hands might heal.  Mommie, are you listening? 


What diet?  Mommie has completely forgotten Dr. Candie’s warnings.  Sometimes when she is eating supper, she drops food onto the floor into a special tableside dish for me to eat.  I know it and she knows it – it is people food.

I hope she cares enough about me to stop me from eating too much.  I know, I know, I could control it myself, but it is just too tempting for a young guy like me. I just eat what Mommie puts out – in my regular bowl or in my special tableside dish.

Mommie are you listening?


I stood behind Mommie when she washed the dishes.  I was almost ready to jump on the counter when Mommie stepped back.

Y-O-W-L  That hurt!  She stepped on my tail.  Last time she sat on it.  Mommie picked me up and tried to comfort me.  I purposely kept mewing because I wanted her to feel guilty.  She had promised earlier that she would try not to sit on my tail again.  I guess she didn’t promise not to step on it.  This time she promised not to do that again either.  She also said I should learn not to get too close to Mommie’s feet or HER tail.


If you said the bathroom, you would be right.  Bath – Room.  Get it?  Every time after I eat, I go to Mommie’s bathroom and climb on top of the towels she has stored on the ledge of her garden tub.  The pile of towels is soft, even softer than my special corner in the living room.  I enjoy a nice leisurely bath, scrubbing myself from top to bottom. 

Of course I leave cat hair on the towels.  When Mommie takes a shower she doesn’t wear her glasses (because she hasn’t put her contacts in yet) and she can’t see the cat hairs.  She says she can understand the hair on her shoulders, but “why is there hair on my belly?”

If you don’t tell, I won’t either. 


In the summer time there are these cute little bugs that give off light in the dark.  The neighbor kids collected a few for Mommie so she could give me the “lightening bug experience” even if I couldn’t get outside for very long at night

She paid the kids $5.00 each for a whole peanut butter jar full of these bugs.  The jar lids had a couple holes in them so the lightening bugs could breathe.        

In the spare bathroom Mommie closed the door and shut off the lights.  Mommie unscrewed the lids and let the bugs out.  There were flickering lights all around.  I have to tell you this was one awesome experience.  Chasing those lights was a whole lot of fun.

Unfortunately for the bugs, Mommie and I sneaked out the door and then Mommie put her arm in the door opening and sprayed a bug killer.  She tried to explain, that unlike cats and people, bugs only live a few hours or at most a few days anyway.  I didn’t like Mommie for a few hours after that.  

Mommie, wouldn’t it have been better to let me go outside at night to watch them?  Mommie:  In your dreams Mr. cat.

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Mommie, I am glad you are back! I was beginning to worry.

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Other places charge for these. Thanks.

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Interesting concept. I am sending an envelope with my name, address, and stamp on it so I can receive these for free.