During my daily run across the kitchen counter I came across the toaster.  Mommie has warned me about how hot it can get.  I guess I am one that has to learn the hard way.

I was sitting by the toaster and I smelled nice warm toast.  (I bet Mommie put jelly on hers.)  I had seen Mommie push out a pan on the bottom and get the toast crumbs out.  Since the outside of the toaster was cool, I figured it would be ok to stick my paw in and grab some toast crumbs before they reached the bottom of the pan.

OW OW OW.  My left paw almost got toasted.  Not really, but it hurt. I guess I didn't put together the fact that I smelled WARM toast and the fact that the inside might actually be warm (hot) too.

Mommie looked at my "toasted" left paw and said all it needed was a little aloe vera and it would be as good as new.  Mommie said she was “going to invest in an aloe vera farm”.

I love Mommie.


In the winter Mommie cooks on what she calls an indoor grill.  She uses it when she has a steak or something r-e-a-l-l-y good to cook.  

Last night when she was cooking she got a phone call from a telemarketer.  Mommie is too nice because she listens to their spiel and then politely tells them she can’t afford whatever they are selling.   That call lasted four or five minutes.

Of course this was long enough for me to get into trouble.  I smelled the steak and since Mommie wasn’t close by, I jumped up on the counter top and strutted over to the grill.  The food was just too tempting.  I grabbed for the largest piece and tried to drag it off the grill.  OW OW OW.  That grill was HOT.  No wonder Mommie wasn’t concerned about me getting the steak.  I dropped that steak right where it was.

Mommie came back to the kitchen and just glared at me.  She did look at the bottom of my feet to make sure they weren’t really burned a lot.  They weren’t.  I had sense enough to get off the grill before any serious burns had been incurred.

I love Mommie.


Last night the owls were out in full force.  I was able to get away only by climbing up onto the rafters on the porch.  For some reason the owls avoided that place with everything they had.  O-U-C-H.  Now I know why.  My tail got caught.  Mommie apparently had her great nephew Beau set mouse traps up there. 

While I was waiting for Mommie to come get me – when she finally realized I was missing – I noticed there were four or five other traps up there.  I didn’t see any evidence of mice being around – if you know what I mean.  But, I did see three dead owlets that had been trapped in traps and unable to get away.  From where I sat it looked like they had their necks broken.

Mommie finally heard my loud MEOWING and she looked around until she spotted me up in the rafters.  Mommie has a problem climbing ladders so she called the fire department.  She hoped I wasn’t hurt too bad.

Since the firemen were not fighting a fire or at a people rescue at the moment, they came to my rescue.  When they were driving down the road they ran the siren on L-O-U-D.  It went clangety, clangety, clang until it got here.  The neighbors probably thought something was on fire here. 

A big burly fireman put the ladder up to the rafter.  He carefully lifted me and the trap off.  On his way down I know I heard him snicker although he tried very hard not to let me hear it.  I’ll bet he tells everyone about it. 

Mommie carefully undid the trap and loosened my tail.  She said it didn’t look like it was hurt too bad.  She said it didn’t need any treatment except a kiss.

I love Mommie.


It was early March and winter had returned.  Mommie said it snowed a couple inches last night.  This time I wanted to go out and play in the snow. 

Melanie, Sparky and Sissy came over for a visit.  Melanie had gotten a sled for Christmas.  Even though she is only four years old, she knew what a sled was for. 

Melanie thought it would be fun if she pulled Sparky, Sissy and me around the yard with the sled.  Sparky and Sissy held onto each other as Melanie pulled the sled.  It was fun going around and around.  Sparky and Sissy were having a good time until Sparky saw a jack rabbit in the garden.

Sparky took off running with the Sissy in tow.  Melanie fell when Sparky and Sissy jumped off but somehow I stayed on.  Whee, that was fun!!   Melanie was covered in snow. 

I wish Mommie had a sled.


Mommie is having a Mardi Gras party tomorrow night!  I will let you in on all the details on Wednesday.  


Last night Mommie had another party.  She said she doesn’t know much about the history or the significance of Mardi Gras but she knows a lot of the lore comes from New Orleans.  The main thing is green, gold, and purple necklace beads strung everywhere. Most of the other decorations include masks with lots of dancing and whistles, horns and most anything else that makes noise.

Sparky, Sissy and Melanie showed up to P-A-R-T-Y!!  Sparky didn’t even look too much out of place with a clown’s fan type collar around his neck and several strings of green and purple beads hanging down.  He didn’t even need a mask – he looked silly enough without one. Mommie made sure the guy with the bottle of “stuff” he had poured into our milk dishes on New Year’s Eve only had ginger ale to drink tonight.   We knew better and stayed away from him anyway.

At midnight the horn blowing and dancing stopped and all masks were unveiled.  Even though Sparky didn’t have a mask we kept asking him to let his down.  He pouted for a while and then we finally admitted we were teasing him.

When Sparky went home he had three more strings of gold and purple beads wrapped around his belly. 

I dreamed about Sparky.


I l-o-v-e to help Mommie with the laundry.   When Mommie is taking clothes out of the dryer and when she is trying to fold them is when I like to help the most.  Those socks and wash cloths make good toys after they fall to the floor when I pull on them out of the pile coming out of the dryer.

The other day when I was “helping” Mommie fold the sheets, I got caught and Mommie actually folded me into the sheet.  It reminded me about the tangled drape episode except Mommie did this one on purpose.  Mommie gets especially frustrated when she is trying to fold towels and I “help”.

Nice warm folded laundry makes a good comfortable place to sleep – even in the summer.  Last week I crawled into the warm dryer and slept for a while.  Mommie wasn’t looking when she closed the door.  About an hour later, just before I woke up, Mommie couldn’t find me. When I started the meowing thing, she finally found me and got me out.

Mommie says she is still learning.  Me, too!


One day in March when I was at the park with Mommie, I ran across a stray momma cat who seemed to be looking for something or someone.

She seemed sad, so I, being the gentleman that I am, went over to comfort her.  She grabbed me and held on to me for dear life.  She said her name was Tabby and she thought I was her long lost son.  Tabby said she had two kittens about thirteen months ago.  Tabby said she lived on the street because her people parents were an old couple who couldn’t afford to keep her and her kittens any more. 

The couple’s daughter, who lived on the other side of town, agreed to take Tabby but she didn’t want her kittens.  Tabby said the other kitten got sick and died pretty soon after he was born.  The mean daughter took Tabby’s son – me – and unloaded me in the middle of the street in a quiet neighborhood. 

Tabby didn’t know that the Humane Society had found me and put me in the pound.  She left the old couple’s daughter, who turned out to be mean.  Tabby said she has been living on the street since then. 

I stuck close to Tabby because, after talking to her, I believe I am her son.  Tabby said I smelled just like the son who was taken away from her.  I didn’t know how to get the message to Mommie that I wanted Tabby to come home with us.

Luckily, my Mommie could see that Tabby really needed a home.  Even though she had five outdoor cats at home, she knew she had room for another house cat.  She invited Tabby to live with us.

Mommie did check with the Humane Society and she put an ad in the local paper to see if Tabby belonged to someone.  She didn’t want Tabby to lose a “home” if she already had one.

I love both my Mommies. 


Every Thursday night Mommie washes out her panty hose so she can wear them to church later.  She uses the bathroom sink to plunge the hose into and out of the water with a little WoolLite.  Then she rinses them in warm water. 

Then she hangs them up on the shower top railing where she thinks they are too high for me to get a grip on them.  WRONG.  It seems things are never too high for me.  So last night I was playing in the bathroom and spied the panty hose on the railing.  Mommie usually hangs them straight, but last night one of the legs was lower than usual.

You guessed it!  I couldn’t resist jumping higher to get that leg.  It took a great deal of wrestling to get the entire pair down, but I got them down on the floor where I spent a happy half hour twisting and turning them.  They snagged real easy.

Mommie didn’t hear me playing for a while so she came into the bathroom.  Boy, did I get a lecture – bad words and all.  She stormed and ranted saying she had to go to the store tomorrow so she could have a new pair to wear to church.  I sneaked away with my tail between my legs (so to speak).  I didn’t know they were that important.

When we went to bed Mommie petted me and said she forgave me.  It was apparently too tempting.  I learned something from that experience: Don’t jump high and get things just because you can. 


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Mommie, I am glad you are back! I was beginning to worry.

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