We all gathered at Auntie Helen’s for Easter Dinner.  Uncle Ron, Auntie Phyllis and Uncle Bob, Cousin Bonnie and Cousin Gary, and of course, Auntie Helen, Cousin Kittie, Mommie and me were all together.  I had never met Cousin Gary before, but believe me, I know a cat lover when I meet one.  Gary is so gentle with Kittie and me. 

Kittie and I had met the day before.  We sort of called a truce.  Kittie said that since he was the master at Auntie Helen’s home, he was going to boss me around.  In order not to make Mommie unhappy, I am going to go along with this.  Besides, Kittie is much bigger than me.  (Mommie: That’s the real reason.)

Kittie sat by Bonnie’s chair and I sat by Gary’s chair. We both knew where we could get the best side bites.  Auntie Helen fixed a big ham and Auntie Phyllis brought some duck meat.  It all was delicious.  Kittie and I both stuffed ourselves.  We both got a piece of apple pie that Bonnie had brought.  Yum, yum. 

I want Mommie to come back here for every holiday.


Along the way we stopped every two hours for a break.  At the rest stops Mommie opened my visiting cage and let me run for about fifteen minutes.  I always came back when it was time to leave because I didn’t want to get lost where I wouldn’t have my Mommie.

At the last rest stop, a funny looking pink/orange dog came over to where Mommie and I were resting.  He had a collar on but didn’t seem to have anyone near him.  He was apparently used to playing with cats because he and I got along wonderfully.  Mommie was really concerned that no one seemed to be looking after the dog.

About five minutes before we left a couple came in a little blue sports car, slammed on the brakes and frantically got out of the car yelling for “Peaches”.  The little dog went running up to the parking lot.  He was found – Yippee!

Peaches was the perfect name for that cute little apricot poodle.


The City Parks Department was really thinking ahead when it designated the east side of the park for dogs and the west side for cats.  The pool was centered in the middle.  On the north side of the pool was the picnic tables and grills and the south side had the playgrounds and sand boxes.

Theoretically the cats and dogs would be separated by the pool, playground and picnic tables.  As everyone knows cats are hard to confine outdoors.  So one day I wandered over to the dog side.  Sparky was there along with a St. Bernard, a German Shepherd, a miniature poodle, and two regular size poodles.  Sparky came to greet me.

Of course, one of the big poodles came with him.  Everyone had always thought that poodles were gentle.  Guess what.  They aren’t.  That poodle started yapping at me.  Then all of a sudden, something must have spurred him (Sparky?) because he began to growl as he chased me.

I ran as fast as I could through the picnic area heading to the cat side.  I almost made it before I realized I had to climb a tree ASAP.  He was literally at my heels.  That blasted dog kept growling and showing his teeth.  I was afraid that Mommie couldn’t hear my MEOW, MEOW, MEOW. 

I was afraid to look down and I was beginning to lose my grip on the tree when I heard Mommie chase that dog away.  It seems she is always rescuing me.  Again, she didn’t scold or say bad words.  She just held me till my heart rate slowed down to normal.  I think she is so used to rescuing me that she probably thinks it is a waste of words to scold.  She did have her “I told you so” face on though.


The cat mommies were in the park sort of watching the cats.  Most of us were behaving ourselves.  Well, of course, except for me and the Siamese cat.  We were a strange duo.  I was fit and muscle bound and he was skinny and sort of wimpy looking.

Sammy (the Siamese cat) and I were really close to the playground area.  We seemed to be the only cats that stretched the cat play area boundaries.  I guess we liked to live on the edge.

There were three teams of two almost-teen boys having a water gun fight.  The boys closest to the hydrant seemed to be winning.   Sammy and I strutted across the edge of the playground as if we knew where we were going. 

Not so smart of an idea.  All at once the two boys who were losing the fight turned their water guns on us.  They thought it was hilarious.  Sammy and I had a different opinion and we ran like the scared cats we were. 

Unfortunately, for the boys they stepped over the line to the cat area and continued to spray us with very cold water.  Poor little Melanie was in the way and she got drenched too.  Melanie’s mommie and the other cat mommies ganged up on the boys and told them in no uncertain terms to quit squirting their guns in the cat area.

They turned around and went.  I heard one of the boys snicker when he said he had such a good time gunning down that silly looking, muscle-bound cat – meaning me.  Some day!  He better watch out!


The goat lady has gnomes in her front yard.  They actually look pretty scary.  One of them looks like that gnome on TV that tries to promote travel packages.

One of the scariest is blue and only one foot tall, but his lips move with the wind.  I don’t know how it is done, but if somebody walks by and it is windy, it “speaks” to that person.  Ramos explained that the way it is done is that when the wind travels through an opening in the back, the wind travels through a circular passage and sounds like words coming out of its mouth.

 The other day Sissy came visiting with Melanie on her play date with Lakisha.  The wind was rather gusty and Sissy walked by that blue gnome.  Sissy swears it told her to go home and not come back.  Now Sissy is afraid to get out of the car at Lakisha’s place. 

I walked by that same day and it seemed to be just wind howling. 

Poor Sissy.


The other day when Mommie was home, she sorted the stuff that goes to the compost from that which goes to the recycling center.  One of the peanut butter jars Mommie was putting in a pile to wash before recycling fell off the pile and landed at my feet.

Heaven.  I love peanut butter, even if it just the stuff stuck to the inside of the jar.  I was able to get most of the peanut butter out by reaching in with my paws. 

Of course, the peanut butter on the bottom of the jar was unreachable UNLESS I stuck my head in the jar.  It was too tempting.  I did just that. Can I ever learn to resist temptation?  The first ten seconds were ok.  The peanut butter was good.  But, then all of a sudden it became more difficult to breathe. 

If I twisted my head some I was able to get air because my neck was smaller than the opening.  If I tried to pull out, my head blocked the air coming in.  I rattled the jar to get Mommie’s attention.  Finally, I had to go find Mommie.  Good thing the bottom of the jar was clear.

Mommie had finished sorting and was resting on the couch in the living room.  She was watching TV and didn’t notice me.  I had to hit her on the ankle to get her attention.  She said “If you got in there, I know I can get you out.”   She pulled pretty hard, but soon my head popped out.  Air!!

I love Mommie.


The school bus stops down the road to pick up Lakisha to take her to preschool.  The other day I followed Lakisha down to the bus stop.  When she got on I hopped on too.  The bus driver was too distracted to notice me.

About half way to school one of the older boys decided to tease me by pulling my tail.  You should have heard Lakisha yell.  She said that I was "her cat" and she wanted the boy to stop pulling my tail.  I wanted him to stop too.

When Lakisha got to school she asked her teacher if I could stay because I accidentally got on the bus with her.  Since preschool was only until noon, the teacher said "we'll see".  She didn't remember me from the pet "show and tell" episode earlier in the year.

I should have been a good kitty, but it was too easy not to be.  I went potty in the sand pile.  I climbed up on the book case and scattered homework assignments from another class.  I was blamed (and rightly so) for dumping the glue bottle in the sink and stopping up the sink and for chewing on Lakisha's eraser.  During recess the teacher couldn't get me out the door fast enough. 

When the kids went down for their naps, I made my way to the teacher's desk and parked myself on her lap and purred loud.  She groaned and remarked that she really couldn't put me out because I was such a nice cat.  Nice cat?

I went on the bus with Lakisha for the ride home.  I was a good kitty all the way home.  The bus driver stopped at the goat lady’s house and told her that I should not get on the bus again.  She promised I wouldn't. 


Today was "spring cleaning" day.  It looked like an ordinary day to me except Mommie was cleaning out the cupboard under the sink and in her sewing room / office.  She found an old telephone -- the kind with a cord.

Mommie looked at it and said "I don't think they even make that kind any more".  So she didn't hesitate to throw it out.  It went out with old rags, a small tray that had rusted, and a lot of other junk most people would call garbage.  Mommie said they weren't even good enough to have a garage sale.  Is Mommie thinking about selling our garage?

There was a big pile stashed under an old card table that was set up outside to hold things on top that Mommie was finally throwing out.  It looked like the perfect play house for the kittens and me.  One of the little white and black kittens and I were having a great time under there.

All at once I got tangled up in the telephone cord.  Every time I tried to get untangled, it got worse.  Luckily I was still able to do my YOWLing bit.  Mommie came running.  She looked at the mess – unwanted stuff strung out all over the front yard – and said:  "I think I am going to leave you there and then throw you out with the junk".

She didn't.  I still love Mommie.


Mommie and I went to visit the goat lady.  Lakisha and I were playing in the family room.  We were kind of doing rough and tumble stuff, but it didn’t hurt because there was carpet on the floor.  Sparky’s mommie and Mommie both have hardwood floors, so I was not familiar with a carpet.

I was running around and all at once I saw Lakisha with doll clothes.  I skidded to a stop about three feet away.  I am not going to wear doll clothes, not even the boy doll clothes she had.  When I skidded so hard my claws got caught in the carpet, I was STUCK.  Lakisha came at me with the doll clothes and I MEOWED really loud.  That scared her for a second, but it didn’t keep her from coming closer.  I was trapped.

Fortunately for me, Mommie heard my cry and came running.  She untangled me from the carpet and told the goat lady that it was time to go home anyway.  Mommie told her that she was glad that Lakisha and I had a good time.  Speak for yourself, Mommie!!


Today when we were in the park, I was minding my own business – well trying to.  On the playground part I saw this boy with a toy that was flying in the air.  Mommie pointed it out and said it was a kite.  She also said – “watch what you are doing because the strings in a kite can get nasty.”

How did she know?  After a while I couldn’t stand it any more and I just HAD to go see that kite up closer.  The little boy hanging onto the kite wasn’t more than six years old.  His hand holding the kite’s string was close enough to the ground so that I could jump up and get the end of it. 

Just as I was jumping the little boy panicked and let go of the kite.  I was fortunate (?) enough to grab the end of the string and hang on.  Pretty soon the wind let up and the kite started falling to the ground.  The closer to the ground it got, the more string was winding around my left front paw.

I was in a jam.  The little boy stood shaking beside his daddy because he was afraid of me.  I was shaking because the string was getting closer to my neck.  I did my best YOWLing and Mommie came running.  She untangled me and began unknotting the kite string so the little boy could have his kite back

Mommie did her usual “I told you so” speech as we walked back to the cat mommie bench.  It took at least five minutes for my heartbeat to get back to normal.


Since Parker is now five months old, his mommie lets him play around on the floor.  The floor is inlaid hardwood and it can be slippery at times.

When Mommie and I were there today, Parker was playing peacefully on the floor.  Sissy and Sparky were allowed to be near him, but they were not supposed to touch him.  Melanie has turned out to be a very fierce guard dog (so to speak).  She looks after Parker more carefully than a Secret Service Person will do for the President of the United States.  She is that watchful. 

Sissy, Sparky and I dreamed up a plan to make Melanie look dumb.  Two of us were going to divert her attention and the third one of us was going to get close enough to Parker to touch him.  I was chosen for the getting close part.

Sissy and Sparky did their usual song and dance – fighting with each other.  They got real close to Parker so that Melanie had to spend her time looking at them.  They made several of these false attempts to get close to Parker.  That was my signal to come up from the rear and lick Parker on the cheek.

I licked Parker on the cheek.  He started cooing and giggling and kissing me back.  That is when I started purring real LOUD.  Melanie turned around and glared at me.  She went into a jealous rage.  She SCREAMED and the mommies came running.

Everyone but Melanie began to smile at how Parker was responding to me.  Parker’s mommie said it was probably time for Sissy and Sparky to get to know Parker better too.

I think I will have to do something BIG to get back into Melanie’s good graces.


This evening, around 7 pm, Mommie started calling me to come to the house.  Since it was about an hour before the usual time I come to the house, I more or less ignored her for a few minutes.

Pretty soon Mommie started calling me in earnest – she sounded scared.  I finally got the message and began coming to the house, slowly.  All at once the sky began to fall – I mean literally.  Little balls of the sky began pelting me on the back.  The closer I got to the house, the bigger the balls became.  I was really s-c-a-r-e-d.  And, those balls hurt.

As soon as I got to the house, Mommie picked me up and cuddled me.  My heart beat finally got back to normal.  Mommie looked me all over and determined that I was not really hurt, just scared. 

Mommie said: “I bet you come faster the next time I call, won’t you.”

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