Melanie’s church has a service to bless pets.  God loves animals.  Of course, Mommie believes I should be blessed.  I already am blessed with a great family and friends, but Mommie says I am always getting into trouble so an extra blessing would be appropriate.

Since I have already been “baptized” all I need now is the blessing from the church.  Mommie took Momma and me to church with Melanie for the blessing.  The entire service was dedicated to the congregation members’ pets.  Most of the children brought their pets and at least half of the adults brought theirs.  Almost half of the pets were dogs and half were cats.  There were two hamsters, two fish bowls, one snake, and three birds.

The minister had the participants bring their pets to the altar rail and he placed his hands on each one – the cats and dogs.  For the other pets, he just placed his hands on the cages and the two fish bowls. 

It must have been the atmosphere because none of the cats and dogs fought with each other.  Even I was able to restrain myself from charging after that awful poodle that kept me up a tree for several hours last fall.  I heard the Mommies’s sigh of relief when we were going home.  Momma was really touched by the ceremony.

I am glad Mommie took us.


Yesterday was Memorial Day.  Mommie took me out to the pasture to a newly grass- seeded area (not overrun with weeds) about six feet square.  She brought along a little bouquet of wild flowers she had picked along the driveway.

Mommie said this was a special place because her Woffier was buried there.  Woffier was her best animal friend for eleven years.  I could tell Mommie was choked up about losing him.  He was her rock when Daddie went to the nursing home.

I was worried that I didn’t mean as much to Mommie as Woffier did.  Mommie assured me that she hadn’t replaced Woffier with me.  She said I was very special in a different way.  Woffier was old and I am young and bring another dimension to her life.

I love Mommie. 


One of Mommie’s friends came over to show her the new pickup she had just bought.  It was a four door Dodge Ram with a running board.  That running board was so high even I had to take a run at it to get on top of it. 

While Mommie was admiring the pickup I quietly climbed in the bed.  It took a lot of muscle power to get up and over the sides of the box.  I was pooped just getting inside the box.

Mommie wanted to go for a ride.  She called and called me but I was already sleeping in the box and I didn’t hear her.  She commented that I must be out behind the house playing with the outdoor cats.

Mommie’s friend wanted to show her the power that it had on takeoff.  They drove down the road a couple miles and then on a straightaway the friend stomped on the accelerator and I flew from the front of the box and slammed against the back of the box.  OW OW OW.  Mommie said it got up to 70 mph in just a few seconds.  I believe it.

After I recovered from that blow, I found my footing and just relaxed.  As the truck was pulling into the driveway (very slowly) I hopped up on the top railing of the pickup.  All at once Mommie looked in the rearview mirror and about fainted when she saw me sitting so calmly on the rail. 

Mommie grabbed me and hugged me tight as soon as she got out of the truck.  I think she is lucky she didn’t see my 8 foot skid from the front of the bed to the back.


When Mommie is in the car, she turns on the CD player and usually listens to music.  It is rather nice until she begins to sing (warbling more like it) along with the songs.  Since she is a country music fan, the music can be rather soothing to the ears.

Since I am in the back seat, I can't tell what goes on in the front seat.  Well, today when she went to town, I heard this strange voice come out of the front seat.  It was talking fairly loud (Mommie has a hearing problem).  Every once in a while Mommie would comment back to the voice.  I started yowling because I thought the voice was someone in the front seat with Mommie and she might need help.  I thought if that person in the front seat was making Mommie scared, he might get scared with a voice from the back seat.

When we got to town, Mommie showed me a CD "book" that she was listening to.  She says it helps pass the time when she is driving in the car.  She says some of the books are humorous and that is why she comments back to the speaker (even though they can't hear her).            

I like the books better than the music because Mommie doesn't sing along with the book.


When Mommie and I went to the park today we found that one of the cat mommies brought her four-year old brat (I mean child) along with her cat.  Most of the time the cat mommies do not bring children along because it is hard enough to watch cats let alone watch children too.

This little girl kept getting away from her mommie.  She kept petting the other cats.  From my experience with Melanie, I knew to stay a-w-a-y from her. 

A little while later, some of us cats were playing a game people would call tag.  We chased each other and wrestled with each other.  All of a sudden this horrible four-year old grabbed my neck and started to carry me around.  I knew Mommie would be upset if I tried to scratch her, but it was tempting.  Apparently, she had watched a mama cat carry her baby kittens so she was actually carrying me in the correct way.

Correct way or not, I wanted DOWN.  HELP HELP MOMMIE HELP.  Mommie heard my crying and came running.  The kid dropped me pretty hard and hurt the bottom of my feet.  But, I didn’t care.  I was free!


It was the end of May and Parker was almost five months old.  His mommie brought him to the park and left Melanie and Sissy at home with Melanie’s great aunt.  Sparky’s mommie said the two boys (Sparky and Parker) were much more manageable than the girls (Melanie and Sissy), so she left the girls home.

Sparky was supposed to be on the dog side of the park, but since his mommie was on the cat side he stayed with her.  Sparky more or less took over the guard duty for Parker that Melanie usually did. 

The regular cats actually liked Sparky and were not afraid of him.  Since it was Parker’s first visit to the park, the cats were curious about the baby.  Most of them had people babies at home and knew how to treat them. 

Sammy, my Siamese buddy, decided he was going to taunt Sparky by getting close to Parker.   I told Sammy it wouldn’t be such a good idea because Sparky can get nasty. Of course, Sammy didn’t pay any attention to me.  He just strutted over to Parker’s portable play pen and pretended to reach in and try to pet Parker.

Sparky jumped into his protector mode and began chasing Sammy.  Sammy leaped onto one of the picnic tables and Sparky jumped after him, but Sparky couldn’t make the jump upon the table.  He hit the bench and fell backward.  His left front foot got tangled in the table cloth that was on the table and all of the dishes and casseroles fell to the ground. 

The picnic table had been set up by the Girl Scouts for their annual picnic.  The Girl Scouts thought it was hilarious, but their mommies didn’t.  Sparky’s mommie ended up treating the Girl Scouts and their sponsors to a meal at Pizza Hut. 

Sparky looked good in the stripped red, white and blue table cloth.  At least it was better than the orange thing he wore on Halloween.


Today Mommie said she was taking me to see some cattails down by the pond. Huh? I have made it my duty to avoid the pond – it has water in it!  I didn’t see any thing that even looked like my tail. 

Yeah, there were some tall bushy looking things that were on the end of a stick.  Mommie said those were called cattails because they looked like cats’ tails when the plants were full grown.  I still didn’t get it.

So, Mommie took me home and scared me a little by telling me that awful miniature poodle was outside.  When Mommie put me in front of the mirror, my tail stood straight up and really bushed out as much as the plant ones did.   My tail looked like a CATTAIL! 

Mommie said it only looked like this when I was scared.


At the end of the school year, the cat mommies in the park decided to have a picnic with all the families and their pets.  Most of the families have both a dog and a cat or two or three cats.

It was set for this afternoon.  Mommie packed cold chicken (my mouth was watering already), potato salad, a pumpkin pie, plus sweet iced-tea.  Everyone arrived at the picnic tables about three in the afternoon.  The children and daddies played baseball, volleyball, and horse shoes.  Of course the mommies laid out all the food and drinks.  We cats were more or less left to ourselves. 

The cats gathered over by the sand pile.  I told the others what I had done to Melanie’s sand pile last fall and everyone laughed.  We all decided to take our turn at peeing or otherwise in the sand pile.  We didn’t want to call attention to our misdeed by doing it all at once. 

In our pow-wow we also decided to gang up on the jerk dogs (of which Sparky was the worst) and show them who is boss.  The cats outnumbered the dogs two to one.  Even though most of the dogs were bigger, they were all mostly afraid of causing a scene at the picnic.  They knew their people parents would punish them if they did something stupid.  Cat parents were much more lenient.  They also believed their little darlings could not possibly pull one over on the dogs. Hah!

First we surrounded Sparky and we tore off that hideous orange something (maybe a cape) he was wearing.  Actually Sparky did not resist much because I think he wanted that costume off.  We all had a big laugh when I told them that cute little Melanie was the one who dressed Sparky in all his colorful costumes.

Next we tried for Reddy, a small miniature Poodle.   He turned out to be a lot more resistant to our plan than Sparky was.  In fact we gave up the game after he chased a big Siamese cat up a tree.  Luckily the cat still had his claws.

Boy, was I tired that night.  Mommie said we “slept like logs”.  How do logs sleep?


Mommie has lots of friends.  One of them has a four wheeler – yes!  Yesterday her friend, the one with the cat-hating boyfriend, brought over her four wheeler to give Mommie a test ride.  (I don’t for a minute believe Mommie would ever buy one.)

Mommie insisted that I go along for the ride.  I have had rides on a motorcycle and a golf cart.  This ride was different.  Even though the motorcycle ride was a humdinger, it was on a straight even-surfaced road.  The four wheeler goes up and down rough surfaces and sometimes sideways.

I thought we were going to topple over when her friend guided the four wheeler on the SIDE of a ditch, not up or down.  When I thought it couldn’t get worse, she hit a small washed out gully on the ditch side, Mommie and her friend went kerplunk back onto the seat.  I almost flew out of Mommie’s grasp.  Thank goodness I was clinging to her jacket with my claws.

Mommie, the next time I go for a ride, I want a cushion on my bottom and maybe a parachute to land upright.


It’s the beginning of June and some of the green beans are ready to harvest.  Mommie planted them in mid MARCH and it only takes about 75 days for the beans to mature.

FYI:  When the garden began growing and the plants were well grounded, Mommie took out the electric fence.  It seems Mommie found two young sparrows dead next to the fence.  The shock was too much for their little bodies.  Besides the veggies were too big for us cats to damage any more. 

Since the bean plants were mature, they were about 15 -18 inches tall and they had big overlapping leaves.  The four rows were 75 feet long.  (Mommie likes green beans.)  The black angel and I were playing tag in the bean patch.  Both of us were smaller than the plants.  All at once I got lost.  If I turned one way there seemed to be a tunnel and if I turned the other way it was also a tunnel.  The beans were too dense to get between rows. 

I panicked and began MEOWing really loud.  Mommie was picking peas and she heard my SOS.   Because we were below the leaves she couldn’t see me.  She called me.  I heard the sound although it was a little muffled, but I could tell which direction it was coming from.  When I started moving toward the sound and then Mommie saw the leaves move, so she went directly to the spot where I was and picked me up. 

PLEASE don’t tell anyone I am afraid of the bean patch. 

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