Today when Mommie went to visit another lady that lives down the road, she took me along.  She said the neighbor had some chickens and she wanted me to get familiar with them in case they strayed over to our place.  Mommie didn’t want me to catch them to play with or even to eat. 

We got out of the car and immediately about seven or eight hens crowded around, apparently looking for food.  Luckily Mommie had some stale cookies in the car and she fed them to the hens.

Mommie and the lady went into the house while I stayed outside with the chickens.  One little chick took a liking to me and showed me around their chicken coop and pen.  They are allowed out during the day, but at night they are shepherded into the coop, so stray dogs and other animals can’t get to them.

All of a sudden, we heard this awful rustling and a loud COCK A DOODLE DOO.  The chick ran as fast as he could.  I wished I had too.  There was this big chicken (which the little chick referred to as a rooster) getting closer and closer to me. He was BIG.  He opened his mouth and started to peck on me.  MEOW, MEOW, MEOW.

Mommie came quick to rescue me – again.  She told the lady it was time for us to go home anyway, so Mommie let me sit on the front seat with her since it was less than a quarter mile to our place.  The rest of the time I have to be in my cage when Mommie drives.  Mommie petted me while she drove with her left hand.

That night I had nightmares about roosters.


In the evening Mommie anxiously watched the southwestern sky.  She had heard on the weather alert radio that the weather conditions were in line for a tornado in our area.

About 7 pm Mommie saw some ominous clouds in the southwest sky.  They were black / gray / orange and the edges were kind of swirling around.  Mommie gathered Momma and me and headed for the basement. 

I hate the basement – it has spiders and dirt on the walls and floor.  Mommie was insistent that we had to go down to the basement.  She hoped that the outdoor cats would find cover. 

The weather radio announcer said there was a tornado and it was headed directly toward our area.  Mommie kept the radio on all the time we were in the basement.  About a half hour later, the announcer reported that the tornado had receded back into the clouds and the “all clear” was announced.  Later that evening the 10 o’clock news people stated there had been a tornado in the area, but it didn’t touch down. 

Mommie and I each said an extra prayer of thanks when we went to bed.


Today at the park, I wandered a little far away (as usual). Mommie and the other cat mommies seem to think the other cats and I are obeying the unwritten law that we should stay on our own side of the park.

Well, a big, big tabby, almost the same color as me, went along with me to the playground. We had been there before too. We saw a couple little girls (about 5 or 6 years old) who looked like they wanted to play with us. We checked and they didn’t have any “doll” clothes, so we went over to them.

We wound around their legs purring real loud. They liked that. Both mentioned that they had cats at home and knew how to treat cats. It never hurts to know another cat lover.

About five minutes into our “love fest” they reached down and picked us up real gentle like. We couldn’t stop purring if we wanted to. It was cat heaven. They went to sit on the merry-go-round as they continued petting us and telling us all about their cats at home.

All at once four or five boys about 8 or 9 years-old, spotted the girls and the merry-go-round. The strutted over to the merry-go-round yelling at the girls to get off. They wanted to play on it and they didn’t need any girls around. Instead of getting off, the girls hung onto us pretty tight and refused to get off.

The boys decided they would get the girls off by pushing the merry-go-round hard and making it spin. Oh no. Don’t they know I get sick when I go round and round? The other tabby began throwing up as soon as the spin began. The little girl yelled and the tabby jumped off. The girl holding me refused to let me jump off.

When the girls began crying, the boys stopped the spin and the girls got off. The other tabby and I were woozy as we sort of walked over to our mommies. Since the mommies hadn’t particularly been paying attention to us, they wondered why we were so woozy. Mommie knew I had been doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing.

If you don’t tell I certainly won’t. I am just going to let Mommie wonder.


Whenever Mommie comes home from town, I sneak into the car when she has the doors open to get the groceries out. Yesterday Mommie got the groceries out and I was playing on the floor in the front seat and Mommie didn’t see me.

After a while I realized I was shut up in the car. Panic! MEOW MEOW. Apparently Mommie was busy making supper for herself and getting the evening meal ready for the outdoor cats and she didn’t miss me.

Just before she feeds the outdoor cats she usually gets my food ready and then calls me in to get my meal first. She called and called. I heard her but she didn’t hear me. She finally fed the outdoor cats. She was thinking that I would show up for their meal.

Finally she went looking for me. I was perched on the trunk top inside the car desperately MEOWING for all I was worth. Mommie heard me and came to my rescue.

She didn’t scold, she just held me tight till my heartbeat returned to normal.

I love Mommie.


During the night, a very s-t-r-o-n-g odor came wafting in through the back door.  PU.  I ran into the living room to get away from that smell.

It didn’t take long for Mommie to wake up and smell it too.  She went to the back door and shined a flashlight into the night.  Right there was this BIG ugly animal that looked a lot like my skunk toy.  Only this one was real.  Mommie shut the door real fast.  She said she hoped the cats didn’t get in the skunk’s way.  She would hate to have to try and clean up one of the outdoor cats.

Mommie told me to stay away from the back door.  She didn’t want the skunk to have any excuse to use his “odor power” on me.  Then she mumbled something about tomato juice.

When Mommie went back to bed she said a little prayer thanking God that I had used some common sense and got away from the skunk right away instead of trying to figure out what that odor really meant.


This evening when I was napping (again) Mommie was cooking in the kitchen.  Sometimes Mommie has trouble with the stove because the temperature gauge in the oven doesn’t always work properly.  This time was no exception.

All of a sudden, smoke started billowing out of the oven and this horrendous noise started to c-l-a-n-g.  I jumped up off the couch upsetting the folded laundry that was sitting there waiting to be put in the closet.  It fell to the floor and I had to put my paws over my ears.  Mommie was busy fanning the smoke out the door and I was too scared to even try to get out the open door.  I was so upset I almost peed on the spot.

Even with my paws over my ears, they rang for about ten minutes after the alarm quit.  I know it hurt Mommie’s ears too.

Mommie, please get that stove fixed.


Yesterday Mommie got a new clock in town. After the horrendous episode with the Chinese clock, Mommie bought an American made digital clock.

It is battery-powered with three AAA batteries. Actually it was cheaper than the Chinese clock. (Mommie is a cheapie.) The numbers seem to be smaller, but Mommie said it has a special feature that she liked. She will show me tonight.

Mommie didn’t even have to set the clock because some place in Colorado has this “big clock in the sky” (as Mommie says) which sends out a radio signal that tells the correct time in milliseconds. It automatically sets the time so even Mommie can’t mess that one up.

During the night when I was asleep Mommie woke me up. I was still groggy when Mommie pushed a button on the clock and the ceiling lit up with the time of the night. I loved the new light it gave off.

The bedroom was a little bit dark this morning about 8 a.m. Mommie caught me pushing the button and making a light on the ceiling. After several gentle NO’s, Mommie got louder and she swatted my paw to let me know that SHE would be the one running the clock and I was only to be an observer.

I got the message.


Mommie said “today was ‘one in a million’ because you were a good Puffy Cat all day long and you didn’t get into trouble – not even once.” I plastered on my most humble “who me” face and accepted the praise.

I am NOT going to tell Mommie about the blood-producing scratch I gave to Snowball, nor about the “bobby pins” I snatched off the bathroom vanity and put into my hidey hole. She doesn’t need to know about the granddaddy long legs I smashed outside, nor does she need to know that I sneaked into the garden and accidentally tore up a small section of a cucumber plant and it looked like it was going to die. (I am going to let the rabbits get blamed for that one!)

All in all, it WAS a “one in a million” day for me too, because Mommie didn’t catch me at anything!  


Mommie and I went to see Sparky’s mommie. When we were there the family got out the ice cream maker. It took about an hour because Sparky, Sissy and I were always in the way of the process.

We “helped” put the salt over the ice cubes. We scratched around in the water that came dribbling out of the wooden bucket. In other words, we were just plain nuisances.

Fifteen minutes after it was done Sparky’s mommie called everyone over to the picnic table to taste the ice cream. She was nice enough to put three bowls down on the brick patio floor with several spoons full of ice cream in each bowl. We three pets went to our assigned bowl. It was GOOD.

A little later Melanie got her second ice cream cone and was eating peacefully. Sparky went up to Melanie and begged a lick. He got one and so did Sissy and I. Pretty soon Melanie was out of ice cream. She went to her mommie and told her what happened. Her mommie said she could have another one, but Sparky, Sissy and I WERE NOT to lick off her cone. Drat!

I’m going to ask Mommie to make ice cream at home.


Since Daddie has been in the nursing home, Mommie has not been keeping regular hours. She goes to see Daddie most every day in the evening. Sometimes she has to go in the morning because she has a meeting at the home or Daddie has a doctor’s appointment.

Even when she goes at her regular time every night, sometimes when she comes home she doesn’t go to bed right away. Sometimes she stays up till two or three in the morning reading or writing or sometimes it is just plain watching TV which keeps her awake.

The next afternoon – or morning – Mommie will lie down on the bed and go to sleep. My problem is: Do I lie down beside her like I do at night or do I leave her alone because it is daylight?

Mommie seemed to sense my dilemma and invited me to lie down with her even though it was 10 in the morning.

I love Mommie.


Mommie and a friend of hers were out in the garden watering the plants. It has been dry for the last few weeks and it didn’t look like it would rain for a couple days. The cucumbers were dry.

One of the baby outdoor cats and I were playing in the potato patch. The leaves were big enough to hide the baby, but anyone could see me through the leaves. That little angel was hiding so well I couldn’t find him. But we were having fun.

I looked over to where Mommie and her friend were watering. Oh, NO, that old biddie (I mean Mommie’s friend) put the spray nozzle on wide and sent the water spraying where the baby and I were playing. I got soaked.

I can tell you right now I don’t like water, especially cold water from the well. I’ve had enough bad cold water experiences already to last me a lifetime. If that lady doesn’t leave right now, I am afraid I will put my claws on her big butt. Now that it’s too late, Mommie told the lady that I don’t like cold water. The lady just kept on laughing at me. I am glad she spared the baby.

I went flying over to the lady doing my best hissing. Mommie reached down and grabbed me to keep me from injuring the woman. The lady got the message and she soon went home – without the pickles she came for.


The family that lives three houses down has a garden in their back yard. Mommie has taken me over to see the neighbors a time or two, but I don’t really know them. They don’t have a cat or a dog. They only have a hamster that lives in a cage and I really feel sorry for him.

Yesterday I went strolling down the road. I meandered my way to their garden. I am not a vegetarian, but I like to smell some of the plants, especially the mint plants. All at once I spotted a baby rabbit and he looked like he was lost from his mommie.

I didn’t want to miss my chance so I charged at him. Oops for me. I didn’t see the low electric fence that was installed to keep out low level animals like dogs and cats. OUCH. I didn’t stay very long on the perimeter. I jumped over the fence and got inside the garden and looked for the little rabbit. He apparently scattered when he heard my entrance. Oh well. I decided there really wasn’t a lot of things that interested me.

When I got ready to leave I made sure I jumped over that wire.   

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