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There is thunder and lightening tonight. I remember hearing thunder before, but it is really LOUD tonight. I jumped in Mommie’s lap and covered my ears with my paws.

At first there was soft tinkling on the porch roof which was not too bad. Then it started raining hard and I thought the roof was going to cave in. What a sound!! Mommie held me and kept petting me. That was nice. Mommie says we needed rain so I had to get used to it. If Mommie can pet me when it happens I can stand it.


Since I came into Mommie's life we have settled into a routine. We amuse each other during the day and at night I sleep on Mommie’s shoulder. But during the day, when I am home, I like to sleep in a corner in the living room that Mommie says is mine. She put a blanket down so it would be soft.

Mommie is confused just because I like my blanket “just so”. I don’t like wrinkles or uncomfortable folds in the blanket. The blanket is fairly heavy and blanket folds or unnecessary wrinkles make it difficult for me to sleep comfortably.

Mommie doesn’t understand that I need my blanket without wrinkles or folds. Last Friday after she had laundered my blanket she brought it to my special place. But there were two little folds on two corners and I couldn’t have that. So I turned around and around trying to smooth out the folds.

I have slept in Mommie’s bed and she has a lot of wrinkles and folds in her sheets and blankets. Apparently she can live with that. The pillow I sleep on next to Mommie is smooth though and that is how I like my blanket.  


Mommie doesn’t know it, but I got to go outside. This morning when it was raining I saw the outdoor cats asleep on the front porch, not the back porch. Then I noticed a hole in the screen just about my size. Yippee. I got outside.

The problem with this is that the outside cats didn’t particularly like me going outside and they hissed at me. That made me sad. The black angel wasn’t there, just some really old looking BIG cats. The outside mommie cat wasn’t there either. I got scared and jumped back in.

Anyway, Mommie, you better fix that hole before the outside cats get in. For now I don’t think I want to go out and play.


The other day when I sneaked out of the house, I thought I had pulled a fast one on Mommie. Today I went through the hole that Mommie still hasn’t fixed. Bad idea.

The same outdoor cats were there plus a really big black cat. When he started hissing the rest of the cats did too. Just when I was about to climb back into the house, the black one jumped down from his perch on the porch railing and one of the other cats jumped too making a loud thud. Such menacing growling and hissing caught Mommie’s ears. Good thing. Those cats were coming after me. Mommie caught me just in time.

Mommie didn’t scold or say bad words she just held me and petted me till my heart beat slowed way down. I can’t tell you how scared I was. I don’t think Mommie will have to warn me again.

Mommie please fix the screen so the big cats can’t get in here. Please.


So there are lots of holes in the toilet paper in the bathroom. Okay it was me. But, Mommie, when you leave me all alone in the bathroom when you go away, I don’t have a scratching post. The toilet paper roll does the job nicely. I’m not going to tell Mommie where I go to scratch when she is home because she lets me run all over the house. It will be a surprise.

But, Mommie, I was just trying to help you clean house by toppling over the “stuff” on top of the air conditioner. Mommie, I know you know that air conditioner tops are not shelves. Remember the chair in the laundry room!


Yesterday was Daddie’s birthday and Mommie took me to see him and to bring him a little chocolate cake she had made.

I love going to Daddie’s home. There are a lot of nice OLD people living there. They like animals that come to visit. They don’t pinch and pull tails like the kids do. They just want someone to pet and someone who will lick their fingers and play with them.

I gave Daddie a big kiss on the cheek. He seemed to like it. He held and petted me for a long time. Mommie was concerned that I might scratch Daddie, but I did my best to keep my claws to myself. I don’t really know Daddie very well, but I love him.

Then Mommie brought out the cake. She had put lots of frosting on the cake, but no candles. Mommie said the cake wasn’t big enough to hold all the candles that Daddie would need.

A couple of nurses came in to sing Happy Birthday and to play with me. The nurses usually don’t get much down time – they are always running to help someone. Mommie also brought a bigger cake to give to the staff so they wouldn’t be left out. Mommie says sometimes the employees don’t get the appreciation they deserve.


Mommie said she is jealous of my energy. Heck she is decades older than me. She is just going to have to accept that I am y-o-u-n-g and can run fast.

Ten or more times a day, I do the morning run thing (even if its not morning). I just like to race around that race track. After my runs I still like to jump on things. I think the jumping thing is what bothers Mommie the most because that is when I get into the most trouble.

Like today, I jumped on the kitchen counter, into and out of the bath tub, on the bed, and anywhere where there is a top off the floor. I know there are places I jump that Mommie would have a “cat fit” if she knew. What is a “cat fit”?

I see Mommie looking at my antics when she thinks I don’t know it. Lots of times she giggles. Sometimes I do them just to see Mommie laugh. I like Mommie’s laugh as much as she likes my purring.


I love it when Mommie watches polka shows on TV. That is when she gets so engrossed in the show that she completely forgets about me. (I hope not if I use my MEOW MEOW – come rescue me cry, however.) This is when I can do anything I really want to do. She doesn’t see / hear a thing except for those polka bands.

You really ought to see Mommie when she pretends to dance the polka! Really cute. Sometimes she sings along with the band. Sometimes she even sings in a foreign language – Czech or Polish.

When she taps her feet to the music, it is so tempting to play with her feet, but I have learned – the bop way – not to mess with Mommie during her polka time.

P.S.  Even though I am now a BIG kittie, Mommie still does the Polka.


It was early fall and the squirrels and gophers were amassing their winter food supply. I followed some gophers around because some of the younger ones looked rather appealing for an afternoon snack.

I finally got the hang of it when I saw a gopher go in one hole and come out another about twenty feet away. I knew if I chased one into the hole, I could get him at the other end coming out that hole. It didn't occur to me that it might be another gopher coming out the second hole instead of the one I was chasing.

I ran to the second hole and when I saw a gopher head popping out of the hole I got ready to pounce. Unfortunately, the gopher didn't come out, he was just scouting the area to be sure pests like me weren't around. I had hidden behind a tree about three feet from the hole and he didn't see me.

As the gopher went back into the hole, I pounced. I stuck my paw down into the hole ready to grab my snack out to eat. Oh, No, that )()*&^&* gopher bit me on the paw. I thought some of the bad words that Mommie sometimes said.

I raced back to the cat mommie bench for Mommie to kiss it and make it better. Even though Mommie kissed my paw, her look said everything -- I hope you learned your lesson for the day.


When Mommie brought three pumpkins home from the grocery store, I was wondering what she was going to do with them. She carved off the top of the pumpkins and then took out the insides and put the pulp in the freezer for later. She put the pumpkins outside so the insides would dry out a bit.

Three days later she brought the pumpkins into the house and started cutting up the outside of them. I really wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing. I was having too much fun outside with the outdoor cats. Two days before Halloween Mommie put the pumpkins on the porch steps. She put candles in them to make them shine at night. Mommie let me go outside by the back door past my dusk curfew. I played outside for about thirty minutes.

Finally Mommie called me to come in by the front door. I turned the corner to the front of the house and skidded to a stop. There were horrible looking faces looking at me on the front steps. I was s-c-a-r-e-d!

Mommie had come out the front door to catch me because she just knew I would be scared. She picked me and held me tight. My heartbeat finally slowed down to normal.

I love Mommie. 

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Mommie, I am glad you are back! I was beginning to worry.

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Other places charge for these. Thanks.

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Interesting concept. I am sending an envelope with my name, address, and stamp on it so I can receive these for free.