It’s Columbus Day – Yipee!  I think.  It seems every time I turn around there is another holiday.  (Well, maybe not EVERY time.)  So far since I have lived with Mommie we had Independence Day, then Labor Day and now Columbus Day.  Mommie says there is going to be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Year’s Day coming up.

Why Columbus Day?  Mommie says because that is the day Christopher Columbus discovered America.  The real day is October 12th, but since most of the holidays have been shifted to Monday, Columbus Day is the second Monday of October.

Mommie told me a little bit about Columbus Day.  She said Christopher Columbus was looking for India and America got in the way.  They planted a Spanish (or Italian) flag on some little island in the Caribbean.  Mommie said she has forgotten some of her history since it has been a while since she was in school.

I don’t really care.  All I know is Mommie is great at holidays and always has some treat or another to celebrate.  Today it was a cake shaped like the Nina – one of Columbus’ ships.  Of course it was chocolate with fake whipped cream frosting.  Fake or not, it was g-o-o-d.

We didn’t have to share with anyone because Mommie said Columbus Day is not a day for gifts or parties.  Only furniture and bedding sales!


Mommie said she used to go out every morning to go to work.  Now that she is retired she leaves every afternoon to go see Daddie.  When she leaves she calls me to give me a special pet before she walks out the door. 

It’s when she comes home that I like best.  I run to see her and I jump up to her knees and practically beg to be petted.  I don’t think I would have to beg, though, because I know how much she likes to pick me up and pet me to get that purring going.       

Mommie, I’m glad you’re home – p-u-r-r-r-r-r.


The other day when Mommie was loudly "explaining" the right way to do something she said: All right Sonny, this is the way to do it properly.

Sonny? Who is Sonny? I know she was looking at me when she said it, so I guess I am Sonny, too. I wish she would get my name straight. I have only one name for Mommie and that is Mommie. I am called Sparkles, kitty, Puffy Cat, and now Sonny. I am confused.

Note to Mommie: You should probably really call me It as I am no longer a he. 


Last night Mommie was trying to polish her nails with this "trendy" greenish black polish. She says all the "girls" wear it. I hate to tell you this Mommie, but you aren’t a girl any more. I also think that color belongs on a witch and I know you are not a witch.

I wanted some attention so I wound around Mommie’s legs. When she tried to push me away, she got cat hair on her nails that weren’t dry yet and I got some nail polish on me. When she tried to get the hair out of her nail polish, she decided to get polish remover and start over. Mommie didn’t think about the polish in my hair.

I tried to wash it off, but it was already dry and impossible to wash off with my tongue. Pretty soon I jumped up on the coffee table and strutted right in front of Mommie so she would notice the nail polish. Mommie tried to grab the nail polish before I toppled it over. Too late. Nail polish went all over the newspaper Mommie had put down to keep the coffee table from getting polish on it. The nail polish remover spilled too.

She looked at me and saw the nail polish. She said: "it looks better on you than it does on me". That is when she gave up the whole project and decided to keep her nails "au natural". Then she took what little polish remover was still left in the bottle and got the polish out of my hair.

I love Mommie.


MEOW, MEOW, MEOW – Come quick, Mommie!  I fell in the commode.  You left the lid open and, Mommie, you know how I am tempted.  (Thankfully you flushed it before you got up.)  I am too big to drown, but with the water, it is too slippery for me to climb out. I don’t like water in my eyes.  And, I am soaked to the bone.

Brrr.  Cold water again.  I hope I don’t catch a cold. 

Thank you, Mommie, for getting me out and drying me off.  It took two big fluffy towels to get all the water off.  You can be sure I won’t try that again.  I promise.


Mommie was packing some toys to send to her great nephews for Christmas.  She can’t seal the outside because of postal / shipping regulations, but she did pack the Styrofoam “peanuts” all around the toys.  She used some duct tape to reinforce the sides of the boxes. 

Some of the “peanuts” landed on the floor.  Mommie took some extra duct tape to round up the peanuts.  She got most of them, but of course I was able to grab a few to put in my hidey holes.

Mommie put the duct taped peanuts into the garbage sack.  I decided to get them out of the garbage sack and play with them.  The peanuts didn’t want to play back and the duct tape wanted to STICK to me.  I tried to get the duct tape off my back.  The more I tried the stronger it stuck to my back and then to my feet.

Pretty soon I was rolling on the floor all stuck up into a ball.  Mommie was laughing so hard she could hardly stand it.  PLEASE MOMMIE, PLEASE.

Mommie got me out of the ball.  She stared at me as if to say “What in the heck were you thinking about?”


In the hallway is an opening in the ceiling that, when Mommie pulls the attached string, a stairway falls down to the floor.  This is a way to get into the place Mommie calls the attic.

I followed her up to the attic the other day.  Good thing it was stairs and not a ladder.  I am too fat and too clumsy to climb a ladder.  (I think Mommie is too.)  The stairs were steep but we got to the top and into a room with sloping ceilings on both sides.  There were windows on each end of the big room that covers the entire top of the rooms down below.

Mommie says it is an attic. I think it is a junk room.  Mommie says she comes up here several times a year to get decorations for the appropriate season, especially Christmas and Easter.  There are boxes and boxes of “stuff”.  Mommie claims she knows what is in each box. 

I saw a little mouse run across the room from one box to another.  Mommie warned me to stay away from the mouse traps she has set up there.  Too late, the trap snapped and it got my tail.  I started to Y-O-W-L because it HURT.  Mommie hurried over and unlocked the trap. 

Mommie got the decorations she needed and went down the steps.  She looked to make sure I was down also.  She looked at my tail and determined there was nothing broken, except for my pride.

My tail hurt for a week. 


Last night Mommie was filling my water bowl when she realized she had put hot water in it.  Rather than waste the water (greenie Mommie) she went and got ice cubes to cool it down.

The only time I have been around ice cubes was when some fell on the floor and I skated over them (yee haw).  This time they were captive in the bowl.  I felt into the bowl – wow, they were COLD.  I tried to take one out and chew on it, but it was too slippery.

After a while the ice cubes cooled the water to COLD.  I don’t like cold water.  I would rather have tepid water than very cold.  A lot of the bad memories for me are associated with cold water.

When the ice cubes were melted down to about the size of a marble, I was able to paw one out and chew on it.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 


Fortunately Mommie is as dedicated to exercise as she is to her diets.  The exercise program lasted three days.  Then it got cold and Mommie didn’t have the energy to go outside and exercise.  She said it was too confining in the house. 

I knew she would find an excuse.  Now I don’t have to worry about that little hussy.  She can show the other outdoor cats how to exercise all she wants – I don’t care. 

Besides I LIKE Mommie just the way she is.  I wish she would quit the exercise and diets.  I LIKE people with a little softness to them.  Hard bodied people are hard to embrace and cuddle with.  It is like cuddling up to a wall or something – I like a little softness to nuzzle into. 

I love Mommie.


I like to sit on Mommie’s lap when she watches “Wild Kingdom” with Jack Hanna.  Mommie always points out the animals if Jack hasn’t already done so.  She really gets into this program. 

Last night he had a baby tiger (kitten) on his lap.  Jack said he was only a few months old and he already weighed forty pounds.  I thought the kitten was cute.  All at once the little baby let out a growl.  It was pretty loud.  I know I would be scared if I saw him in person and by his age I know he was younger than me.

Later the kitten started purring.  Mommie really enjoyed that part because it reminded her of me and my purring.  Aw.

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Mommie, I am glad you are back! I was beginning to worry.

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